Flexible Working Arrangements

By March 30, 2016London, Relocate, UK, Uncategorized

This piece by Jason Waite, CLR’s Founder and CEO was included in the International HR Adviser newsletter which went out in March 2016

It’s in the Air… No, not Tonight. Nothing to do with Phil Collins at all actually; showing my age here!

Richard is talking about it, so it’s getting some serious exposure as he flies the flag for Virgin. Leading…

It’s the buzz of the corporate cafeteria, CEO’s, SME’s, HR, employees etc.

Working hours are out! Gone, over, done. It’s a new era…

It really is a terrific idea, but is that all it is?

Undoubtedly sentiment is shifting towards employers providing better working environments for their employees, better experiences, endeavouring to demonstrate recognition and encouraging them to stay as valued individuals.

Empowering employees to own responsibility for their time and workload sounds great, but if their workload doesn’t permit them to embrace this is, it just a bit of a charade?

I recently read how an employee was referred to HR and reprimanded because she was just 2 minutes late; over the permitted 5 minutes, but the same employee is invariably found at her desk far beyond her contracted hours, and HR are seldom there to congratulate her.

Point is, that there’s definitely a case for flexible hours but is it achievable with today’s workload?

Are we ahead of the game in Mobility? Flexible working hours are widespread in the industry, and of course as we assist the tech-world we witness the new practices and flexibility embraced to attract and retain those ‘key’ staff, the ‘Talent’.

Together with Mr Branson, the Tech-world is certainly leading the way in this regard, but possibly this industry is more suited to such a flexible working arrangement?

How does Facebook do it? Reportedly Facebookers are the happiest of corporate employees on the block!