The relocation industry is huge, and in the mix of companies offering this service there are those that genuinely care, and there are those that go through the motions and move on to the next. Sadly, the latter seems to rule the sector, due to the size of the businesses behind them. However, it’s not all bad news, those of us that care, and we mean really care about our clients and assignees, do a fantastic job and get great satisfaction from helping people relocate to our fabulous city.

So, you say CLR care, prove it!

OK, we’re acutely aware that saying ‘we care’ isn’t a USP, anyone can claim they care, and as with all great things, the proof is in the pudding. So, how can we prove that we genuinely care?

Easy, in the last 10+ years we have successfully relocated over 1,200 individuals and families, their testimonies speak volumes:

“CLR did an amazing job in relocating myself and my young family from the States to London. The team went above and beyond to meet our needs, their help in finding the kids schools and doing the tricky property negotiations for us was invaluable. We feel very lucky to have had them working so hard on our behalf. – Thank you CLR!”

We understand that relocation can be a very daunting, exciting and sometimes emotional process. We believe that it’s our job to help assignees overcome any anxieties they may have about their potential or future move, and encourage them to start enjoying it, after all it’s an exciting new adventure and their moving to one of the greatest cities in the world!

Following on from our last point, we LOVE London and genuinely believe that is it the best place to live on the planet. All our consultants are Londoners, and full of local knowledge. If an assignee is wondering where the best schools are locally, or looking for a great British pub to sample some ales we know exactly where to find them, in fact we don’t just tell them where they are, we’ll show them. Going above and beyond is a bit of a mantra here at CLR and investing time into each new assignee is a pleasure and never a chore.

Need more evidence?

We know our business. We don’t just see our role as a team of people that arrange property viewings, school placements and removals. We understand the importance to a company of a smooth relocation, not just from the assignees perspective but also from a recruitment and HR view point.

Working with a relocation company that genuinely cares about your talent and their successful move, goes a long way to encouraging them to either accept their new job, or feel happy and confident about their impending move.

Here at CLR we’re fortunate enough to relocate talent for some of the worlds largest corporations. If you’re looking to relocate your team, talk to us first, we’ll show you how it should be done.

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