When browsing for corporate relocation for your assignees, it’s easy to be drawn into viewing the larger organisations that fill up the first few results pages on Google. Recognisable names in the market are always going to promote with a ‘bigger is better’ mantra, but, as the one size fits all model begins to fade away, it that always so?

Bigger is not always better

The property market has changed quite considerably over the past few years, especially within corporate relocation. Larger organisations have begun to “bolt-on” relocation services within their existing estate agencies. This means that the relocation department is an extension of the main business, often with property professionals spread over various roles. This can often lead to several disadvantages when compared with a smaller, solely relocation focused agency.

Whole market access

When it comes to having access to a large variety of properties within the market, smaller agencies will often have a better crop on offer. For example, at CLR, we have access to the whole market and by doing so, are free from being pressured into promoting the properties of only one estate agency – we can pick and choose the best from the entire market.

Tailored services and personal touches

The difficulty with larger agencies if often around the time spent per client. Understandably, they’ll want to serve every single client and their needs – realistically this is not always possible. Again, the one size fits all model is often adopted, meaning clients will be funnelled into choices that may not necessarily be the best for their situation.

Smaller, independent agencies are built from the ground up through relationships and best in class services. At CLR, we have over 60+ years of experience within relocation services, with a strong client-focused approach.

Our ethos is that we “go the extra mile” for our clients, working hard to make sure that everything in our power can be done to make their relocation as smooth as possible.

At CLR, we are with our clients every step of the way, supporting you with:

  • Relocation Services

Providing our clients with relocation management to support their needs, managed in-house so you can speak to the actual team member who is relocating your assignees.

  • HR Support

Our HR packages have been tailored to complement client policy including concise reporting whilst providing comprehensive personal assistance to the individual relocating assignee.

  • Visa & Immigration

CLR will liaise with the assignee’s HR department to ensure that all visa and immigration permits are compliant with local requirements.

  • Move Management

This specially designed service takes the stress out of moving. We take care of all the necessary details to ensure that the assignee’s treasured possessions are transported safely to their destination.

You can be sure that each of our team is handpicked for their experience, professionalism, and passion for relocation. With CLR, you will always have our full attention.

Say hello to our team in London to start chatting about your assignee’s next relocation today.