Confidentiality is absolutely vital when it comes to co-ordinating a move. It doesn’t matter if we’re re-homing a family abroad or relocating an entire team of employees – the relocation experts here at CLR need to make sure that the details of the transfer are not disclosed to anyone else at any point in the process.

We’ve mentioned before that we’re not just in the relocation business, we’re in the people business. As our clients explore global mobility and expand their reach, they expect us to keep up with their demands without getting complacent (and rightly so). They don’t just want us to ‘get the job done’ – they want a comprehensive, fully tailored relocation solution that meets all of their objectives.

A big part of this is ensuring that our assignees are able to relocate quickly, efficiently and discreetly to keep their motives and decisions out of reach of those who could use this knowledge to their advantage.

The steps we take to ensure total confidentiality

When arranging any relocation, we make sure all sensitive data and classified documents are kept away from prying eyes before, during and after your move. We could be dealing with personal information (such as your new address), company files or even precious belongings, but the principle remains the same – everything remains for your eyes only.

This is partly because global laws are placing a stricter hold on the sharing and distribution of data, and we need to ensure due diligence; but on a more personal level, it’s also because we know that you don’t want your rivals or even your peers knowing your business.

Confidentiality contributes towards a stress-free move – and that’s ultimately what our clients want us to achieve for them.

We adopt a diligent approach towards each and every project to minimise risk and deliver complete peace of mind to our assignees. Even if we’re handling a complex international relocation that requires a complete end-to-end solution, we will never disclose the details of your relocation to any third party; everything will remain in our organisation.

Why you should choose CLR for a confidential move

You’ll see from our ethos that we want to go the extra mile for our clients, and this extends to ensuring your complete discretion.

If you’re keen to keep your move under wraps, we’re best placed to handle the finer details. CLR takes client confidentiality extremely seriously and ensuring complete discretion is one of our core values. Anything disclosed to us will be used solely to provide the service you need. Nothing more, nothing less!