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EuRA conference 2018 in the magical city of Dubrovnik was an amazing event. Useful talks, interesting people, and a shining sun were a great combo!

However, how many of you ended up back at your hotel room with a bag of conference brochures that you never took back home? Conferences generate A LOT of paper and leave behind a significant amount of waste. Paper brochures, leaflets, magazines, maps, schedules – the list goes on and on.

The figures are shocking: The Center for Sustainable Tourism reports that a typical event can produce the equivalent of 170 trees worth of paper waste and its participants can end up taking with them as much as 10 pounds of paper.

Printed Collateral

Marketing has evolved, with the trend being online. Is print collateral still a persuasive & valuable part of an organisation’s marketing strategy?

Traditionally, printed material has long been regarded as an effective marketing tool for the promotion of services for B2B and B2C. However, recently companies are moving away from it in an attempt to lessen their impact on the carbon footprint. According to IBISWorld, demand for printed material has fallen over the past five years as businesses are moving online, although millions are still being printed and distributed.

Print collateral is outdated and antiquated. All information in your printed material is probably available online, and with today’s ultra fast-changing environment your chances of having an out-of-date printed collateral are high!

What to do instead?

Greener conferencing is the way to go. The majority of attendees at conferences carry laptops or smartphones, so shifting to digital is not too much of a stretch.

A recent study by Nielsen revealed that 58% of millennials considered a company known for being environmentally friendly a purchasing driver, and your practice at a conference is no exemption.

Event organizers can encourage a digital attendee experience, and this can easily be achieved as most of the information provided can be offered online. Have a mobile-friendly website or take a step further by creating a customized event app that allows attendees to have all the information at the palm of their hand without having to carry stacks and stacks of paper.

Attendees – Take advantage of technology and reduce your carbon footprint by utilizing digital presentations, your website, and social media – the most effective and cost-efficient ways of reaching your audience in the digital era.

Going paperless will save you costs, increase your appeal to the digitally-inclined millennial audience, and make it easier to connect and share information afterward.


At Cornerstone, we always incorporate the environmental good practices into our workplace and expect all our people to embrace an environmentally aware culture by educating them and involving them so they can do their job in an environmentally responsible way.

As part of our ethos, we strive to reduce the impact that our business practices have on the environment through sustainable practices and waste reduction initiatives. As such, we have embraced digital communication in all aspects of our operations.

Cornerstone is here to help you, we deliver an extensive range of relocation support and management service internationally. Let’s have a chat!

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