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What 2020 taught us, how we’ve grown, and where we’re heading…

Cornerstone, 2021 and beyond… Firstly, thanks for being here! 

We’re super excited to share with you the innovations and improvements we have made over the past year to the AX (Assignee Experience) and we want to tell you all about them. Howeverthat’s just one development of many that is propelling Cornerstone forward and into a new and exciting chapter ahead!   

What has happened in the past year? 

The last 12 months have been difficult for many, and understandably so, given we are living in such extraordinary times. We are proud to say – in true Cornerstone style – that we have risen to the challenge and have, in fact, expanded through this period.  

Covid sadly disrupted and collided with a 2020 road map to build out and implement our new technology and AX, portal over which all services are now delivered, as well as the general expansion of the business as we headed to our 10year anniversary and milestone.  

However, we did it, nonetheless, not only achieving strong year on year growthbut in many ways, we’ve created a better mousetrap (Randolph Waldo Emerson) through creative thinking and necessity, which has led us to be more innovative and to seek more agile solutions; in order to overcome the new obstacles, we were facing, and in doing so, has raised even further the standard of our service offering long term. Necessity really is the mother of invention. 

Investing in technology 

Our talented team have thrown 100’s and 100’s of hours, energy, creativity, and dedication over the last year into harnessing new technology – our Relocation Portal – that would bridge the gap and allow us to remain closely connected with our clients and their transferees, perhaps, now even closer than ever! 

Our tech underpins our services and the relationship we forge with our client’s employees by harnessing a structured approach with a high level of mapping that is impactful, catered to the individual, time sensitiveand provides instantaneous communication through direct in-platform messaging; because never has having a person to talk to been so important!  

Our innovative tech in conjunction with ‘Covid-19 good practice’ (the continual alignment and adoption of Government guidance and ensuring of necessary protocols and processes are in place); alongside what we have affectionately named ‘E-support’ (Emotional support) to make sure we continually allay fears, advise and guide; are how we continue to offer the best-in-class relocation services out there!  

Why not get in touch and let us give you a demo? 

CORNERSTONE 2021: Brand. Site. Logo… Why the change? 

As it is with life, the universe, and the world as we know it, things evolve. Simplicity rules. And so, it’s time to say goodbye to our old logo and website, and look to 2021 and beyond with a visual presence that embodies our values and goals. We’ve come a long way since our company was founded back in 2012, and with our growth and direction we felt that our former branding and website no-longer cut the mustard… and represented who we are 


The Website… 

The creation of a new website, gave us the opportunity to reflect on who we are as a business and where we want to go! Through assessing market needs and leveraging the many years of in-house experience; we re-wrote and redefined our service offerings that responded to our environment and where we believe the industry needs to go to. Paying particular attention to the language we chose has helped us to remain focused on what is important, the AX – (Assignee Experience) and by virtue, the EX (Employment experience), and ultimately our client’s Talent retention 

The easy navigation, inviting and exciting imagery, alongside the concise but informative copy were all meticulously created and executed to produce the best User Experience on our site, that would then also reflect the seamless experience of working with us on the ground! We really do believe our website is an extension, and therefore to some, an introduction to who we are, what we can offer and what it is like to work with us. We hope you like it! 


The Logo… 

Merely simplifying our name just makes sense… Since we’ve broadened our service offerings beyond the UK, our simplified name reflects the characteristics and traits we identify and align with. “Cornerstone”, meaning: “true, aligned, precisely positioned, indispensable, reliable, foundation” captures the essence of who we are and what we do. Together with our simplified name, we strongly maintain our ethos of caring that has kept our business growing over the years, and will remain always at the heart of everything we do. <3 

We are proud of our achievements, and excited to share with you all that we can offer. We truly believe that out of adversity has come positive change. How can we help you? 

Let us make a difference! 


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