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Corporate Mobility…the most dramatic summer season yet!

It has been a funny old time, to say the least, this past year or so, and with a return to normality looming on the horizon (something we are all excited about), the mobility industry is set to potentially bounce back dramatically this summer season… With this in mind, the question it seems, circulating the industry right now, is whether Corporate mobility professionals have supply chains able to handle the forecasted spike in summer 2021?     

Covid presented for Cornerstone an opportunity for creative thinking and room to re-structure how we execute our service offerings. It led us to be more innovative and to seek more agile solutions; in order to overcome the new obstacles, we were facing, and in doing so, has raised even further the standard of our service offering long term. Necessity really is the mother of invention. So, in other words, or to put it simply, our supply chain has never been as ready and raring to go as it is now!   
Our talented team has thrown many hours of energy, creativity, and dedication over the last year into harnessing new technology – The Cornerstone Assignee Portal – that would bridge the gap and allow us to remain closely connected with our clients and their transferees, perhaps, now even closer than ever! Our tech now underpins our services and the relationship we forge with our client’s employees; by harnessing a structured approach with a high level of mapping that is impactful, catered to the individual, time-sensitive, and provides instantaneous communication through direct in-platform messaging – because never has having a person to talk to been so important.  
We are proud of our achievements and excited to share with you all that we can offer. We truly believe that out of adversity has come positive change. How can we help you? 

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