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When 2021 started, I’m not sure we could have envisaged all that we have achieved. Cornerstone has never been sedentary in its approach to anything, and as a company we are comprised of interested, engaged and conscientious individuals, whose curiosity and fascination for many a subject means that we love what we do, and are always looking for ways to improve. With the expansion of our team, building out and implementation of – we like to think – some of the best tech in the industry, please do take the time to read a little more below… and learn about all that we have done in 2021!

Enhancing our tech…

The Cornerstone Experience!

CORNERSTONE’s drive in tech this year has been nothing short of incredible in terms of results. We have poured hours of energy, enthusiasm, and expertise into building out tech solutions, that position the company as a leader in an otherwise pedestrian industry, when it comes to harnessing tech to deliver services. Consequently, these efforts have both galvanised our brand and defined our USP as a differentiator in a global marketplace ripe for change. 

 Our investments have led to the building out of the ‘Cornerstone Assignee Experience’, an interactive platform that underpins our services and the relationship we forge with our client’s employees. It harnesses a structured approach with a high level of mapping that is impactful, catered to the individual, time sensitive and provides instantaneous communication through direct in-platform messaging. As we all continue to battle on through the Covid-19 pandemic, our platform could not have come at a better time. Not only have we been able to continue running our services, but we have in fact enhanced them by offering a superior experience for the assignee, making relocating, at a nervous time for all, still very much a reality for our clients and their employees alike.

Our website…

Often the first point of contact, our online presence has always been intrinsic to how we introduce ourselves to our clients and individuals. Our extensive website, was no small task to imagine, design and build. Working closely with in-house programmers every inch of our website experience has been designed to create an engaging space, where we can inform, support, and then communicate through the many channels built out – from Live Chat, email, to booking a call with us! It is strategically aligned for SEO optimisation and therefore positions our company at the forefront of the industry on a global scale. Our website sets the tone for how we roll as a company. With an impressive user experience, the individual who lands on our site is transported smoothly and efficiently to the information they may need, or to someone who can support their needs, allowing them to engage with our services as soon as they wish!

Expanding our team…

As we built our technological offerings, so too did we begin to look at our best asset; our people. Having the best tech can only be truly leveraged when you have the best people alongside it. A mixture of technological solutions and human touch is what we believe to be a winning combination… so without further ado I introduce you to some of our new team members…

John Sammon

When I asked John, how he felt his first couple of months with us had gone, what he felt he could bring to the table and where he’d like to see us in 2022, well, he had the following to say…

‘With over 20 years of experience within the Global Mobility, Immigration, Real Estate, and Expatriate Healthcare sectors, I took the decision to join Cornerstone London, an exciting forward-thinking company. This, in conjunction with my experience, seemed like a challenge I could not refuse. Only 2 months into my new role as Director of Business Development and Growth Partnership, and amongst a phase of transitional redirection – Cornerstone is an animal that never stops – I am looking forward to 2022, and leading a focused approach to growing our current client base, regionally, and globally. Excitingly, I also start 2022 working alongside our Senior Leadership team to implement new wins that we got over the line at the very end of this year, 2021! Here at Cornerstone, we are committed to an engaging and agile approach which encourages growth and collaboration, and I, for one, look forward to steering the ‘business development ship’ to new and exciting destinations in 2022 and beyond!

Tom Fleming

Tom joined our team in the summer as Client Services Manager, and has fast become a real part of the team. With nearly a decade’s experience in the relocation business, working across RMCs and an Immigration firm; Tom’s in-depth knowledge of the Industry, alongside a great ability to methodically implement change, and introduce new processes that drive efficiency, can only further improve Cornerstone’s offering in the market place! Whether it be supporting existing clients; enhancing our supplier partner networks; working in collaboration on RFPs and new business; or coordinating and supporting our extensive operations team, Tom really is an asset we’ve come to appreciate in many more ways than one! When asked why he joined and where he’d like to see us in 2022, the man of few, but valuable words, replied:

‘I joined Cornerstone because I wanted to help the company grow, I could see an opportunity where my contribution would have a direct impact on the business I am working for. I feel there is a lot of potential with the technology that’s been built and with the people already involved. In 2022, I would really like to support the growth of the company by directly contributing to bringing in new clients, as well as expanding our services with current clients, either through supporting additional services, or excitingly expanding into new locations!’      

The Operations Team

To prepare us for taking on new business, we’ve also expanded the ops team by bringing in four new members. Lee Watson and Libia Ibara bring with them a wealth of experience gleaned through working in relocation for a good number of years for some of the industry’s top players. Both have worked with a diverse array of clients delivering a multitude of services across the board. Their knowledge, wisdom and passion for relocation will help to underpin the sturdy foundations upon which Cornerstone has already been built!

Of course, having a diverse team, we can’t just focus on people who are well practiced in the art of relocation. We’ve also brought in Will Mellin, a newbie to the industry, but one with lots of applicable experience in customer service environments. His enthusiasm and new perspective on things will be invaluable in helping us to innovate and take in to account the viewpoint of somebody who hasn’t worked in relocation before. After all, questioning and shaking up the status quo is what Cornerstone is all about.

Finally, Kaltra Imeralilai has just joined us as our Relocation Coordinator to support the operations of the team. Whilst she’s also new to the business, and relocation as a whole, having been put through a crash course on how everything works, we know how much she has to offer Cornerstone. She speaks an array of languages and has practical experience of relocation, having moved from abroad to the UK herself. We’re excited to have her on board!

Expansion into Ireland…

This year, we were very excited to finally announce the opening of the Cornerstone offices in Ireland. Like anything that is well made or executed, the office has continued to, grow and evolve every day. Pooling from both our ethos as a company and way of working, alongside a strong understanding of how Ireland operates commercially, culturally and personally, we’ve built services in Ireland that really are very compelling!   

Working closely with the team locally and their insider knowledge, we have poured energy, passion and dedication into building out ‘The Cornerstone Experience’ for Ireland too. Rich in Ireland specific content that is continually updated and enhanced, alongside actionable tasks that allow the assignee to clearly navigate the relocation logistics, our platform is an essential tool for anybody relocating to Ireland!

As part of the CORNERSTONE Ireland operations, we also built out an ‘in-house’ Education Consultancy. With the on boarding of Grainne Convery, – an Ireland Education Consultant – we now offer extensive experience assisting families relocating from every corner of the world with finding the right education or childcare for their children. Education has always been highly valued in Ireland, with the Irish system offering varying options catering to different educational needs and wants. Having the right support to navigate these often complex waters, both to find the right fit for your child, and also to take advantage of the superb education on offer, is what Cornerstone’s service is all about…

Grainne Convery

Working with Grainne has been a pleasure, she brings to the table a wealth of experience that has made her a household name within the educational sector of relocation into Ireland. She is, absolutely, one of the safest pair of hands to put the responsibility of your child’s education in to, having been helping families relocating to Ireland to find school places for their children since 2012. Prior to joining Cornerstone in 2021, she was Ireland’s education consultant for Bennett International, the US based Education Consultancy who offer services for both private clients, and corporations with relocating personnel worldwide.  

During her career she has worked with many senior executives relocating to Ireland with their families to work at many of Dublin and Cork’s top tech HQs, and within the financial services sector.  Her vast experience, the consistent positive feedback, referrals, recommendations and returning clients, has awarded her the strong reputation she holds within the sector. 

Finally to wrap up 2021, we would like to thank all of our trusted loyal clients, their fantastic and interesting employees we’ve had the pleasure of supporting. From everyone at Cornerstone, we wish you a happy, healthy, and restful holiday season. Furthermore, we wish you a prosperous, exciting, and again, obviously, happy 2022 too!

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