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My Relocation Experience – Relocating from Greece to London!

Written by: Kaltra Imeralilai – Relocation Consultant, Cornerstone

Relocating to a new country might feel intimidating and very exciting at the same time. One of the most common reasons people choose to relocate is when they feel their current city doesn’t present the right job opportunities for them to find a new role or progress in their career. Other reasons could be improvements in their living environment, seeking work-life balance, joining family members, expanding their social network, exploring new ways of living, and the list goes on…

In my case, employment was the reason I relocated, and I chose London because English is the main language. I grew up on an island in Greece where tourism was the main industry, and the career paths you could pursue were limited. I then studied on a smaller island with no tourists but was well known for its marine industry. None of these industries felt right for me, so I’d say, job opportunities were all I had in mind when I decided to relocate. Little did I know that I’d find several other advantages when moving to London! 

As aforementioned, I’ve lived my whole life on small islands and didn’t know other ways of living. I was thrilled to explore my new life in London. Every day I found a new reason to be satisfied and happy with my move. London has indeed something for everyone – countless places to visit – famous landmarks, significant sights, parks and green spaces, restaurants serving every type of food you can imagine, and many things to do! My favorite aspect that London has to offer, is neither an activity nor a place though. It’s diversity and multiculturism! People from all around the world, so different from each other, yet, so similar, making you feel that home is wherever you feel welcome! It took only a couple of months for me to be able to call this city, my home! 

Many people relocating to London would raise concerns like: What will the weather be like? Will the commute time to work be too long? Will I have a social life? I’d say it all comes down to you; what your preferences are and how quickly you can adapt to changes. People may be resistant to changes, but paradoxically, we tend to adapt quickly to new circumstances. In my opinion, the weather is much better than it is rumored to be, by having many job opportunities you get to choose how long of a commute you want,  and as per your social life, London is one of the most ethnically diverse regions and people have respect and tolerance. What I found a bit changeling is the home-finding process. Also, the initial funds may seem to be a large amount of money – depending on your financial situation and the country/currency of the country you are coming from.  

London is home to many types of businesses and offers many job opportunities; its market and specific roles may be highly competitive though. If you’re looking to find a job quickly, then it will be much easier, but if you’re planning to make your next career move, you need to stand out from the crowd. In today’s technology world, you’ll need to create a professional CV and update your online presence. Networking is also very important; research has shown that 80% of the vacancies are not listed and can be found by word of mouth. When you have an interview, it is crucial you are fully prepared. There are countless articles and videos online to help you prepare. Make sure you improve your interview skills whenever you have one, and the dream role will soon be yours! 

For employment reasons, my partner and I relocated to London in 2019, full of dreams, and got more than we were hoping for!  If you’re thinking of making that change in your life and career, it means that you can do it. The best case scenario is that your life changes completely and you’re grateful every single day. The worst-case scenario is that you don’t like it and opt to move back. At least, you won’t spend your life wondering “what if”. Many industries, countless job vacancies, and all kinds of job titles, are all here, waiting for you to start looking for your dream job! 

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