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Recruitment is continuing to thrive in London’s world-leading fintech sector. 

January has been the worst month for layoffs in the tech sector, with various US giants making thousands of employees redundant. 

But whilst news headlines might be depressing, recruitment is continuing to thrive in certain sectors, specifically in London’s fintech sector, which is remarkably resilient. 

For the first quarter of 2022, the global fintech sector has seen a remarkable +182% increase in job growth –with the leading 8 fintech “mega-hubs” amounting to over 90% of new fintech jobs being advertised globally.

According to the Robert Walters’ Global Fintech Talent Report, London remains an attractive home for fintech HQs as it has almost as many active fintech firms as the USA.  

Job vacancies have increased year-on-year within the fintech sector (+136%), with the UK recruiting mainly at the senior end of the market to accommodate its fast-scaling nature.

According to an Evening Standard analysis of Linkedin data, only 5 of the 20 largest London-based Fintechs have had to reduce their staff over the past six months. 

But many Fintech giants such as  Zepz, Wise, Revolut, and Starling are increasing their recruitment by taking on hundreds of employees in recent months. 

The UK’s fintech’s have created approximately 7000 new jobs since January last year, with the biggest share belonging to London- And there’s no sign they’re slowing down. 

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