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By: Cristina Cuevas Exposito

Ireland has long been known for its business-friendly environment, and a new study from FDI Intelligence (Foreign Direct Investment Intelligence) confirms that Irish cities continue to be highly attractive destinations for foreign direct investment. In fact, Ireland places very strongly in the rankings for the most promising investment destinations across Europe. 

One of the significant performers in the latest ‘FDI Intelligence European City of the Future’ rankings is Dublin, which was ranked as one of the top five European cities of the future. Dublin scored highly for its focus on software and IT investment, making it a key location for tech companies looking to establish in Europe. 

However, it’s not just Dublin that’s creating a good impression in the business world. Other Irish cities are also emerging as highly attractive investment destinations. Cork, for example, has retained its position as the second-best small city in the rankings, and is also the country’s fastest-growing city over the next generation. As a major hub for pharmaceuticals and IT, Cork is an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking to expand in Ireland. 

The expansion of hybrid working has made Ireland an even more appealing destination for foreign investment. As more companies adopt remote work and hybrid models, location is no longer a concern, and Ireland’s business-friendly environment and skilled workforce are becoming increasingly attractive. 

Limerick and Galway are also making good progress in the world of foreign investment. Limerick climbed to second place in the micro-city category, thanks, in part to its long history as a manufacturing hub, and its Advanced Manufacturing Centre, which is helping companies accelerate the adoption of digital technologies. 

Galway, meanwhile, is renowned as a tourist hotspot, but is also emerging as a major player in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. With companies like Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and Abbott already established in the city, Galway has become a hub for innovation and growth. 

Overall, these rankings demonstrate that Ireland is a great place to work and invest, particularly in the current scenario of hybrid working. With a strong focus on innovation and technology, Irish cities are attracting top talent and companies from around the world. Whether you’re looking to establish a tech startup in Dublin, a pharmaceutical company in Cork, or a manufacturing operation in Limerick, Ireland has something to offer businesses of all sizes and industries. With all these ingredients we are sure we will soon see other fantastic Irish cities like Waterford, Dundalk, or Sligo looking for a place on the lists too! 

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