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Improving the employee experience during an international assignment

In today’s increasingly globalised economic society, many companies need to assign their most talented employees to work abroad at some point. A relocation, for both short and long-term periods, ranks very high at the top of the most stressful events one can go through in their life. Organisations recognise people are their greatest assets; so, it is crucial to make sure the employee experience is good and the assignment is successful. There is a number of ways organisations can improve the employee experience when on an international assignment. 

Pre-move training

It comes without saying, selecting the right employee for the right role is the priority. The mobile employee will then need training and onboarding to set them up for success. The organisation needs a well-researched training plan, taking into consideration all potential challenges the employee might face.

Considering the employee’s expectations

One of the most practical and useful steps is to have a conversation with the employee to figure out the type of assistance they will need. Try to look at the relocation experience through their eyes, to figure out how to support them to succeed in their new post. 

Provide support on departure and arrival 

A relocation package is necessary to make the offer appealing and the transition smooth. The organisation should start with securing the necessary visas. Flight booking, temporary accommodation, settling-in support, household goods, renting a house, school search and many more, depending on the assignee and their family’s needs, will be the next aspects to tackle. We, at Cornerstone work hard to create a better experience, for both you and your employee. Please feel free to contact us to have a chat about how we can support you!

Continued check-ins and communication

The organisation and the HR team that organised the relocation should have ongoing communication with the mobile employees, to avoid having them feeling isolated or discouraged. The assignee should feel focused and well connected with their home organisation that they will return to. Continuous feedback from them will also assist to implementing a structured process.

Preparation to return home

The employee should know early in advance the duration of the assignment and the date they’ll be returning home. As part of the relocation package, you could offer departure services which can include closing off all bills and tenancy agreement, household good, flight booking, airport transfers, etc. It is equally important to have a smooth way back home! Some suggestions are providing a paid visit to their home country to start arranging their move, before the end of the assignment, and allow the time and the tools necessary for them to reacquaint with their former corporate culture.

Organisations have many responsibilities and many things to organize prior relocating people for assignments. The whole process can be overwhelming and stressful when it comes to figuring out the logistics. We are here to help you with one of the most important aspects of the process! Let’s chat!

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