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Ireland Holds Third Place Among EU Nations for Overseas Jobseekers

Ireland has secured its position among the top 15 global destinations for individuals exploring overseas job opportunities, as per findings from the job platform Indeed.

Specifically, Ireland claimed the 14th spot as one of the most appealing countries for jobseekers. The ranking was established based on the proportion of job searches initiated by individuals residing outside the country.

During the period from April to June, a noteworthy 11.1% of job search queries for roles within Ireland originated from foreign locations, positioning the country as the third most favored choice within the European Union. Luxembourg emerged as the leading destination, trailed by Oman and Switzerland. Additionally, Austria made its mark in the top 15, securing the 11th place.

Job searches for positions within the EU from international locations have now exceeded the levels seen before the pandemic, experiencing a 5% upswing since June 2019. Nonetheless, this surge remains notably lower than the heightened interest observed in job markets of other major English-speaking nations.

Across the United Kingdom, job search volumes from foreign jobseekers have skyrocketed by 69% in comparison to pre-pandemic figures. This spike has been attributed to the post-Brexit relaxation of prerequisites for non-EU workers. Similarly, interest in job opportunities in Australia has surged by nearly 75%, compared to the corresponding timeframe in 2019. Meanwhile, searches for available roles in Canada from global jobseekers surged dramatically by 141%.

According to Indeed’s insights, immigration has experienced a significant rebound post lockdown periods. This resurgence has been connected to tight labor markets in several economies and the implications of aging populations on local workforces. However, despite this revival, the European Union is still grappling with establishing itself as the ultimate job destination. To increase its competitiveness, bolstering the EU’s attractiveness as a global employment nucleus is vital, as noted by EMEA Economic Research Director, Pawel Adrjan. He further suggested that forging specific agreements with other nations and leveraging the strengths of EU regions could be instrumental in attracting desired talents and workers.

The Irish job market has shown its allure, particularly in sectors like personal care and home health services. These roles garnered over 9% of international jobseeker clicks in the first half of the year. Software development and administrative assistance were also in demand. Interestingly, nursing roles witnessed a 1.1% increase in search queries since the first half of 2019, accounting for 2.6% of all searches.

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