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Greenwich’s Design District Could Be London’s New Tech Hub

For years, London’s tech scene has thrived in areas like Old Street and, more recently, Stratford. However, there’s a new contender on the horizon—Greenwich’s Design District—which aims to revolutionize the city’s creative and tech landscape.

The Design District has already attracted several innovative tech businesses, including notable names like music producer Brain Audio and immersive events space Engage Works. These companies made the strategic decision to relocate from Hackney and Aldgate, respectively, in pursuit of purpose-built spaces and enhanced facilities tailored to their needs.

Dubbed as London’s first dedicated hub for creative industries, the Design District is creating a new era of collaboration and innovation. Emma Mansell, head of the district, emphasizes its important role in accommodating the evolving landscape of the creative sector. She states, “The term ‘creative industries’ has undoubtedly expanded over the years to include evolving disciplines and sectors, and Design District is right at the frontier of this.”

Mansell continues, highlighting the allure of the district: “Businesses continue to relocate to Design District in search of a wider, symbiotic creative community that nurtures and facilitates growth alongside cutting-edge facilities and purpose-built space.”

Launched in 2021 by property developer Knight Dragon, the Design District has quickly become a thriving ecosystem, housing 170 businesses across 16 buildings. Engage Works, for instance, now occupies two floors within the district, leveraging the move to create their Flux Innovation Lounge—a state-of-the-art events space equipped with advanced technology.

Steve Blyth, chief executive at Engage Works, underscores the significance of community and technology in their relocation decision. “Connecting with other like-minded enterprises, as well as understanding the unique technology requirements, were vital elements to our decision to relocate as we scale and grow our operation,” he states.

As London’s tech landscape continues to evolve, Greenwich’s Design District emerges as a hub of innovation and collaboration, shaping the future of creative industries in the city and beyond.

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