About Us


As with many businesses and ideas, Cornerstone was conceived in 2012 through necessity. The need perceived by our founder for a better service offering and standard, than the global relocation industry was delivering, which provided the proverbial gap-in-the-market and opportunity.

Cornerstone is now a PREMIUM relocation services provider and a trusted partner of our clients and the global mobility industry alike. We are an independent company with 60+ years of in-house experience. Our business is built on delivering best-in-class, client focused destination services and global relocation support.

Initially focussing on London and the home countries, we have now extended our coverage globally.

The journey continues…

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to you why we can do it better!

Our Ethos

The ethos behind everything we do at Cornerstone is that “We go the extra mile”. It is encoded in our DNA for service delivery. We work hard to ensure the transition is not just smooth, but enjoyable too. We work hard to make it look easy.

Our Culture

Our culture is an integral part of who we are as a company, it is what makes us unique. We enable success through service excellence, embracing innovation and empowering our people. We encourage independent thinking and recognise our people for their achievements.

We strive to make our working environment fun, relaxed, friendly and celebrate individuality by valuing diversity in people and ideas.

We truly care – about each other, our clients, partners and the community! Our people are culturally diverse, comprised of different backgrounds and thinking styles. We are just curious people committed to make things differently and revolutionize the relocation world. We are obsessively passionate about what we do and place our culture and values at the heart of everything.

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Our Tech

At Cornerstone we have an intrinsic interest in technological advancements and we are proud of the adoption of Halo, our bespoke cloud-based management system, which is unique in the UK destination services market and offers us a competitive advantage.  It is secure and compliant with security and control certifications, including globally compliant with GDPR.

By placing technology at the heart of our relocation services, we are able to deliver global mobility solutions securely and compliantly.

    • Concise Analytics
    • Scalable efficiencies
    • Consistency
    • Bespoke Reporting – from pre-authorisation to repatriation
    • Cost Savings & Tracking
    • Bespoke cloud-based solution
  • Timeline of events, centralized. Triggers. Workflow. Integration

Our Approach

We operate a totally client focussed approach to the service we provide. This approach combined with our vast experience and knowledge allows us to deliver a premium service with excellence, efficiency and diligence ensuring a personal relocation experience for all of our clients.