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Covid-19 is causing difficulty and stress for many, in numerous areas of our lives. Your relocation however does not have to be one of them. We have adapted our services and are continually alert to, and therefore inline with, latest government protocol both locally and Internationally; to ensure your relocation is safe, comfortable and seamless.

More than ever we are here to help with your relocation needs during these pressing times.

Covid Adaptations

Our tech has allowed us to adapt our services quickly to the pandemic, when and where necessary. With a shift away from emails to more varied communication channels – Whatsapp, our In platform messaging and video conferencing – we are able to support you virtually and importantly in real-time when we cannot in person. It has allowed us to create a more collaborative approach with our partners to deliver the traditional services despite restrictions.

We have also made the following adaptions again when necessary:

  • Mitigate the restrictions in viewing properties with digital shortlists of property listings and virtual viewings through video.
  • We are, where possible, sticking to 2 metre social distancing outside of properties and within, with any questions/ discussion taking place outside of the property afterwards.
  • Face-masks (unless in an exempt group) and ideally gloves are to be worn by all parties; relocation agents, applicants and negotiators/viewing staff.
  • Children (no longer just toddlers) are now allowed to join viewings.
  • Street view to get a better feel for the location of a property.
  • Looking at all educational options, not just traditional schooling e.g. Home schooling.
  • Settling-in support Online when there are face to face restrictions; providing compact guides, insider tips and drawing from the local knowledge of our team.

Through our interactive platform our people are able to provide what we like to call E-Support because never has having a person to talk to been so important. Our team will provide emotional support, being there to allay fears, advise and guide you through the process. By being up to date with on the ground protocol and the changing government strategies, they can inform, reassure, and be that personable and friendly voice you may need!

As a starting point for all the latest information – including the latest travel bans, restriction updates and social distancing regulation – regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the UK, we suggest visiting the website.

For the latest NHS (National Health Service) information and advice about coronavirus (COVID-19) including track and trace, a symptom checker, and the option to take part in research, please see the website. We suggest downloading the track and trace app either before or on arrival as it is the fasted way to see if you are at risk from the coronavirus whilst in the UK.