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Relocating your talent to align with your business strategy is crucial, it is also a brilliant way to invigorate your employee(s), assure you get the best they can offer and improve your company’s EX. However, we understand that it is a huge commitment with many logistical tasks and factors involved…

Let us design for you a mobility program that will take every consideration into account, which will be created by our talented and experienced team; and underpinned by our innovative efficiency driving tech.

Tech Trio

Let us eliminate the potential risks before they arise, identify trends to avert issues; be proactive rather than reactive, and ensure the success of the assignment and of your commitment!

  • Analysing your global mobility program – policy effectiveness, performance, structure and tracking.
  • Expense Management (approval and reimbursement), accounts payable and reporting.
  • Cost of living Analysis personalised for each employee and their family.
  • Identifying Industry leading trends and practices so you can remain competitive.

On Demand

In the dynamic world of today’s workforce, where there is constant change, activity and progress; offering our services on an ‘On Demand’ basis creates flexibility and efficiency within your mobility program.

An ‘On Demand’ service offering allows us to align with your employee’s busy schedule, and cater to their exact requirements and needs, at the exact time or occasion they need it.

‘On Demand’ is a reality due to the investment we have made in our tech and the subsequent innovations to our company practice; we believe the future of the industry lies in technological convenience through On Demand services.

Gone are the days of long email chains, slow replies and inefficient processes, when your employee can enter our interactive platform, send us an instant message and detail immediately their requests…

Group Move Management

Employee group moves – arguably one of the toughest projects a mobility team will undertake – are usually the result of business deliverables and strategy focus, rather than career development opportunities.

Let us handle the challenge and complexities from start to finish, whether domestic or international moves, and cater to the diverse needs of the individual employees, allowing you more time and energy to concentrate on the bigger picture, building-out and implementing strategies!

  • Project Management & Policy creation
  • Budget creation and analysis
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Destination services
  • Area Tours

Concierge Services

Consider our concierge service as like having a discreet, knowledgeable and reliable personal assistant; who will take the time to understand what you need, when you need it.

Managing the many aspects of a professional career, alongside potentially a new destination, family commitments and then still finding time for you is extremely difficult.

Let our concierge service give you back some of your time!

Our support ranges from handling your ‘back-office’ demands like resolving issues with landlords, handling agents and appliance breakdown; to lifestyle demands like tailor making holidays; procuring of hard-to-find designer items or last-minute theatre tickets and planning small events or hiring private chefs.

Through our innovative tech, we are able to offer these services ‘On Demand’ meaning that you can connect with us direct via our in-platform messaging function and request whatever support, whenever you wish!