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When you decide to invest resources into relocating talent and improving the EX at your company, it is key that you address external factors too. Not only does your employee need to feel supported, but so too does their family. One of the biggest and most critical challenges your employee will face will be finding the right education, that is why Cornerstone offers outstanding education consultancy.

Our Education Consultancy programme provides a structured approach with a high level of mapping that is impactful, catered to the individual, time-sensitive and ensures every option is covered within the desired strand of education.

At Cornerstone the assignee experience AX is our priority, therefore we will evaluate school options, provide information about individual school performance, arrange school site visits – where permitted – and guide on how to prepare the child for any entrance exams.


We are able to do provide these services through one centralised and efficient interactive platform, that will allow your assignee to peruse our research, build a live schedule for school visits, communicate with us freely and provide us with real-time feedback.

The platform enables the assignee’s experience AX to be empowering and insightful, as they tackle this tricky and often worrying aspect of their relocation instantaneously with our experienced team via the instant messaging functionality.

Essentially, a happy child equals a happy employee and a successful AX!