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Pre-assignment orientations are invaluable for your company’s EX, for the employee considering relocating and their potential AX; and for minimising your company’s risk. Let us provide your employee with an orientation trip tailored to the needs of their prospective location, so that they can make a well-informed decision.

Once the employee has arrived, introducing a Familiarisation tour as part of the package you offer is a fantastic way for your employee(s) to get adjusted.

Whether they have one once they have chosen their home, or incorporate it within their home-finding process; it is undeniably one of the best ways to enhance the AX making your employee(s) feel at home and further protecting your investment.


Our tech platform let’s them peruse whilst out and about, or in the comfort of their home; and before they’ve even arrived, a library of resources inclusive of a series of guides for each different area of London and other parts of the UK. The guide details the area’s feel, its best eateries and pubs, attractions, history and much more.

Our team truly understands the challenges your employee may face, however this visit is designed to educate the relocating employee about every aspect of their new city!