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Relocation Management

When you decide to invest in international assignments you are taking a measured risk. Statistics show that it can cost double an employee’s salary to hire and train a new employee.

Offering international assignments is a way to invigorate and retain your talent, be innovative with the structure of your company and improve your company’s EX.

Investing in relocation or assignee management will remove the logistical headache that relocating individuals or large groups of employees can bring.

Our highly experienced team alongside innovative tech can map end to end the entire process. Our comprehensive suite of relocation management services include:

Quality assurance… we will manage your employee’s feedback and expectations.

relocation management

Expense Management… we can manage the entire expense management for the duration of the assignment. We can accurately track, record, and report all the expenses that will incur throughout the assignment.

Essentially, we will make sure your employee has a complete understanding of the cycle of an international assignment, including policies, procedures, and culture of their assignment’s destination!