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It is widely known that employees who feel supported when taking assignments abroad ultimately feel valued by the company they work for.

Offering in a settling-in service as part of your relocation package will vastly improve the AX. Giving your employee a grounding within their new destination and it’s culture is another way to ensure the AX is a success; that you achieve the best out of your employee(s), and further improve the return on your investment.

Broad range of services we offer:


  • Utility set-up
  • Handyman Service
  • Phone & internet set-up
  • Gardeners & cleaners
  • GP & Dentist registration
settling in


  • Fitness
  • Health and Beauty
  • Cultural Opportunities
  • Recreational Activities
  • Community Involvement
settling in

Cultural Awareness

  • Business Etiquette
  • Language Courses
  • Cross-cultural Training
settling in
settling in

Through our tech we provide your employee with a profile from which they can start to define their needs and requirements across many aspects on their relocation.

Within our interactive platform there are a library of resources we have built that give a plethora of information, instructions, advice and appropriate external links that support our range of services. They are a great base for when your employee arrives and can be used in the comfort of their home or on the go on their phone!

The platform also provides guides to all the areas of London and parts of the UK, with information on good eateries, attractions, points of interest, leisure activities, giving the assignee a feel for the city or place from day one!