When your employee embarks on their international assignment, they may need temporary housing during the interim period between arriving and finding their permanent home.

Our extensive network of first-class serviced apartments are the perfect option to start the AX, ensuring your employee immediately feels at home and is ready to focus on his or her new position.

Through our interactive platform we can liaise with your employee directly and in real time, before they arrive. We can source appropriate properties – to which they can give us instantaneous feedback – book and service their desired accommodation; all through one point of co-ordination, making the process simple, quick and efficient.

We operate with strict quality control and therefore our temporary accommodation consistently exceeds expectations.

Temporary Housing
temporary housing

Furthermore our extensive knowledge of the market means we attain the best prices for the highest quality accommodation too, further protecting your investment as a good start to an AX is crucial!

Our bespoke services cover locations across the globe.