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Heading Home

We like to see things through to their completion.

As you approach the end of your assignment there will be many logistical tasks to complete and affairs to address, either before you leave, or potentially after you have left.

Our departure services are built to remove this stress and to give you piece of mind – as you focus on new responsibilities in your new location – that all aspects of your previous assignee experience have been concluded…

Our services with the support of our tech include:

  • Full repatriation program
  • Packing and shipping of household goods
  • Property marketing and sales services
  • End of tenancy Management
  • Rental Deposit & Dilapidation Support
  • Termination of utilities & mail redirection

Our technology used throughout your experience, will allow you to communicate with us in real-time, and organise or oversee all of the services we offer.

Departure Services

The uniqueness of each relocation suggests you will have varying needs depending on your housing, or whether you relocated with family for example. Therefore, we actively encourage picking and choosing the services you may need, and bundling together a package that will wrap up all your affairs in the UK as you see fit!

We are but just a quick message away, and ready to tie up all your loose ends!