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International Relocation Services

Services designed for you!

We understand the challenges you may face and through the breadth of international relocation services we offer, we aim to provide reliable, practical support and solutions to make your relocation a seamless and fun experience!

From finding you a home, supporting with schooling, applying for a bank account, familiarising you with your new destination, organising your NINo, registering for a GP, spousal support or even a range of services for your departure and so much more, Cornerstone have every aspect covered!

Unique to Cornerstone, our interactive platform, alongside the support of an experienced team will transform your entire international relocation process.

Our platform allows us to communicate with you in real-time, provide you with all the resources and information immediately to hand and avoid timely and inefficient email threads.

All services

Whether we are building a live schedule of houses or schools you would like to visit, step by step guides to managing all logistical tasks, to detailed area guides specific to your desired location, our platform will allow you to feel empowered, and supported as you make the transition to your new and exciting destination!