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Temporary Housing

Before embarking on your international assignment it is important to know you have a safe and comfortable place to stay on your arrival. Finding the right home may take time, therefore we can provide you with accommodation, during the interim period, so that you and/or your family feel at home from day one!

Our extensive network of first-class serviced apartments are the perfect option to start your new adventure; leaving you with one less worry, and ready to focus on your new exciting position.

Through our interactive platform we can liaise with you directly and in real time, before you arrive. We can source appropriate properties – to which you can give us instantaneous feedback – book and service your desired accommodation; all through one point of co-ordination, making the process simple, quick and efficient.

Temporary Housing

We operate with strict quality control and do not offer any options we wouldn’t consider living in ourselves! Therefore you will find our temporary accommodation consistently exceeds expectations.

Our services cover locations globally, and with our considerable knowledge of the market you can sleep easy, knowing that on your arrival, we will have found temporary accommodation that meets all of your needs!