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One platform, Any device, Anywhere, Any time!

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Live Scheduling

One centralised schedule for all
services… to fit the employee’s diary.

DM Functionality

Real-time instant,
organised & efficient

A live map that allows the employee to locate their office, housing options, schooling options with one another and available transport link.

Home Finding… made simple!

– Upload quickly & efficiently a comprehensive specification &
gallery of photos for each of the appropriate screened
properties to one centralised space…
– Ability to compare properties, have a clearer view of the
market, location of each, commute times, & amenities available.
– Build a live schedule of viewings & update status of the
property in real time.
– Mutliple DM capabilities for general or property specific
conversations, creating organised and strategic communication between the employee & all the service team!

A library of Resources

to orientate, support and guide the employee on their exciting journey from day one!

– Area Guides

(Detailing the best eateries and pubs,
attractions, history and much more.)

– Health care

(National health system info, Registering for a GP, Info about Private Health system.)

– Banking

(Opening a bank account & the different banking options available.)

– Cost of Living Comparisons

– Guide to the Renting Process

(In-depth break down of the process & what is required, budgeting.)

– Education

(Info on the different options available
for varying needs and ages.)

– Transport System

– Driving Licence

(Registering or applying for a licence,
driving etiquette and much more!)

– Police Registration

– Utilities

(Setting up and connecting Utilities
guidance and support info.)

During these unprecedented times we have built a Covid-19 bulletin that is the first resource the employee will see… it is continually updated with the Government’s latest press releases and protocol; so that the employee can feel reassured they are always following the latest response to the pandemic. Furthermore, we have also built a more in-depth resource detailed ‘An introduction to Quarantine in the UK’ with Self-isolation information, Amenities, 24 hour chemists, Mental health support, the NHS track & trace app, passenger locator forms and so much more!

Data Security & Privacy Compliance

Built on a modern technology stack, our platform offers enterprise-level security and
compliance measures to safeguard your data, including systems security (ISO 27001,
SOC 1/2 and FISMA Moderate accredited hosting environment), application security (protection against known vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting and others), data security (encryption in transit and at rest) and compliance
(adherence to international data privacy regulations, including the GDPR).

We chose the name Cornerstone because we identify and align with the characteristics that define the word…

‘true, aligned, precisely positioned, indispensable, reliable and foundation’.

These values combined with our ethos of ‘caring’… captures in essence who we are and what we do.

How can we help you?