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Our Tech

At the heart of everything we do at Cornerstone exists a deep passion; passion for service, passion for exceeding expectations and, firmly ensconced, encoded in our DNA, is a passion for technology, and for harnessing and building-out the best tools to deliver our ‘In—platform’ services. We are moving the industry forward and doing it right!

Our ethos, way of thinking, energy and innovation combined is how we overcome the complex challenges we face, delivering efficient and compliance lead relocation services in an evolving world. It’s what we do.

Our technology and proprietary solutions position our team in a distinct and advantageous place in the industry, allowing for a direct- connection to our clients through in-platform services that largely dispense with the reliance on abacuses, pens, paper and Email!

Cornerstone’s assignee connectivity utilises DM across our portal, a connection that’s invariably in the palm of your hand through our mobile App. It’s that simple.

Of course, with agile tech, we also bring to the table…

  • Real time updates
  • Concise Analytics
  • Scalable efficiencies
  • Consistency
  • Bespoke Reporting
  • Cost Savings & Tracking
  • Timeline of events, centralised.

Our technology underpins our services and the relationship we forge with our client’s employees, harnesses a structured approach with a high level of mapping that is impactful, catered to the individual, time sensitive and provides instantaneous communication through direct in-platform messaging. How can we help you?