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Why Cornerstone?

Our Story

Cornerstone was conceived in 2011 through necessity. Our founder, a keen cyclist, and entrepreneur saw the proverbial ‘gap-in-the-market’, need for a more innovative, tech-driven relocation agency that produced results to the highest standard. With this in mind, he set about addressing this need and Cornerstone was born.

Cornerstone has flourished since inception into a company based upon unsurpassed local knowledge and expertise in delivering relocation services, underpinned by leading technology. Our innovative approach sets us apart in the industry. Our credibility is based on the indispensable experience garnered through both years of supporting some of the world’s most influential companies, relocating their key assets; or providing a personal comprehensive support to individuals and families alike.

Our founder has taken his energy, desire, and drive; and directed it at his ever-growing talented team of relocation consultants, together with investment in tech. We are an organic company that has already seen considerable growth and development; and relish each and every new challenge the relocation industry presents us!

Why cornerstone

Our Promise

Our promise is to give you peace of mind.

Our people come from far and wide, indeed most of them are expats themselves; and therefore have a true understanding of relocation. Speaking many languages, being culturally diverse and bringing many varying thinking styles with them, our people and therefore our company is built on ‘curious people committed to doing things differently; and to revolutionising the relocation world’… to quote our founder!

We cherish the fantastic team we have created; the tech we have built, the dynamic environment we have created and, of course, importantly the clients we support.

Our Environment

We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility and we take it seriously. We are committed to conducting business in an ethical and sustainable way.

We expect all our people to be aware, and to incorporate environmentally friendly practice at our workplace.

Through regularly reviewing our company policy on improving the environment and by educating our people so they can do their job in the most environmentally responsible way, we reduce our carbon footprint and encourage efficient use of all resources.

The simple, yet, crucial core of this objective is waste management and recycling. We aim to reduce the impact we have on the environment by orchestrating sustainable practices and waste reduction initiatives; as such, we have created a digital online content platform where all information can be accessed. We are embracing digital communication, we are saving trees!

We empower our people to make a positive difference in their communities; to be actively engaged with, and aware of, those around us through donations, voluntary work and other initiatives.

Our Mission

Through empowering our staff with best-practice and embracing technology, is to effect change in our industry by defining a new standard…

Industry Memberships

Industry Memberships

Committed to being thought leaders on the latest industry trends, regulations and news; we are members of a wide range of key associations and organisations from the industry; to ensure consistent quality, credibility, up-to-date with industry legislation, trends and development. Through our memberships with the accredited organisations we continually educate ourselves.